"Let's keep talking"

“Let’s keep talking” is a podcast by the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association (OPMA). 

Each episode is a conversation capsule with the people of Pharma, those who have made a mark on our industry, who can help us become better in our roles, all for the benefit of the Canadian Patient.

We will publish new episodes here, on this page, and on all major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and many more.

The OPMA is committed to adding value to those working in the pharma industry. We look to elevate the reputation of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry as we work together to positively impact the overall wellbeing of the Canadian patient.

Exploring Physician Personas in Today’s New Environment
Jun 01 2021
Lampyon Health Communications

This podcast is produced by Lampyon Health Communications – www.lampyon.ca